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Contents of the 2023 JSNA for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough 

JSNA 2023 Executive Summary


Part 1. Demography: Key data on our population – how many people live here, their age, sex and other characteristics. 

Age structure and population change

    • Population structure
    • Population change in the last ten years
    • Migration
    • Country of birth
    • Birth and fertility rates
    • Difference in birth rates at small area level

Ethnicity and languages

    • Ethnicity summary
    • Change in ethnicity
    • Ethnicity by age group
    • Ethnicity and health
    • Languages – spoken English
    • Other languages

Predicted future change

    • Predicted future population change
    • Overall population change predictions
    • Predicted changes in the numbers of children and babies
    • Predicted changes in the numbers of working age adults
    • Predicted change in numbers of older people

Inequality groups

    • Health inequalities
    • Deprivation
    • Children in relative low income households
    • Ethnicity and general health
    • People living with disability
    • Children with special educational needs
    • Children in need
    • Other groups at heightened risk of poor health outcomes


Part 2. Overall health data: Broad information about patterns of health in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy

    • Life expectancy
    • Healthy life expectancy
    • Inequalities in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy
    • Local health data on life expectancy

Mortality and premature mortality (overall rates and causes)

    • Mortality
    • All cause mortality: recent data
    • Main causes of mortality: recent data
    • Under-75 mortality: recent data
    • Preventable mortality
    • Inequalities in adult mortality
    • Child mortality
    • Proportions of death: Main causes of all-age mortality
    • Inequality in mortality
    • Historic mortality data
    • Note on rate calculations

Disease and poor health

    • Self-reported health
    • Disability
    • Prevalence of disease and health conditions in adults
    • Child health
    • Multi-morbidity

Local health


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