Crime & Community Safety

The Cambridgeshire Research Group supports each of the five Community Safety Partnerships (CSP) in Cambridgeshire with their research, monitoring and information needs. Click on our Community Safety Partnerships page for more information and to district level strategic assessments. Alternatively click on our Community Safety Topics page for more information of particular community safety topics, or view all of our assessments, briefing papers and bespoke analysis within our document library.

Key statistics relating to crime and community safety in Cambridgeshire as a whole can be found below.  To view these key statistics for smaller areas within the county (i.e. districts, wards and LSOAs) please click on the ‘Maps’ and ‘Reports’ options above. Both the Reports and the Maps are interactive so we would encourage you to have a play.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Crime and Community Safety Overview Report: