Our housing network

Our housing network

Across our housing market area, various groups meet to tackle housing issues together. This diagram aims to summarise the housing network…




Groups looking at a range of issues

Cambridge sub-Regional Housing Board (CRHB)

Cambridge sub-Regional Housing Board (CRHB) is a senior officer group of local authorities and partner agencies which meets regularly to work collaboratively on strategic housing issues across seven districts.

Across Cambridge, East Cambridgeshire, Fenland, Huntingdonshire, South Cambridgeshire, Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury areas the Board works with its partners to share learning and experience across our housing market area on
these four priority areas:

  1. New homes & communities: CRHB works with partners to deliver new homes to support economic success, in cohesive communities.  This includes issues of affordability, quality and standards in new homes.
  2. Homes for wellbeing: CRHB works with partners to ensure homes and services support better health and wellbeing. This includes housing with support, specialised housing design, homes to meet the needs of an ageing population and the links between housing, health and social care which will help “transform lives”.
  3. Existing homes: CRHB works with partners to improve standards in existing homes and encourage best use of all homes. This includes improving housing conditions, improving energy efficiency, reducing the risks posed by poor quality and unsuitable housing particularly for vulnerable people, helping bring empty homes back into use and working to reduce both under-occupation and overcrowding.
  4. Housing need and homelessness: CRHB works with partners to identify and meet housing need, extend housing choice and tackle homelessness. This includes working together on our sub-regional choice based lettings system, working to extend housing options for example through help to buy and using innovative projects such as Town Hall Letting and our Trailblazer partnership to prevent and tackle homelessness.

You can find the group’s terms of reference and one years’ meeting papers here.

Cambridge sub-region Strategic Housing Group (CSHG)

Cambridge Sub-regional Housing Group meets to:

  • Identify, investigate and respond to strategic housing issues across the seven districts of the Cambridge housing sub-region.
  • Provide a sub-regional perspective on strategic housing issues, policies, consultations and research.
  • Build and support linkages between housing-related groups and agendas.
  • Provide information to CRHB and accept tasks from CRHB.

The group also supports the development of our Strategic Housing Market Assessment, focussing on this issue at alternate meetings.

You can find the group’s terms of reference and one years’ meeting papers here.

New homes and communities

Housing provider & enabler forum

Every 3 months a group of housing providers who are developing new homes in the Cambridge housing sub-region meet to learn about, discuss and progress issues about developing new homes.

You can find the group’s terms of reference and one years’ meeting papers here.

Homes for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Alongside the launch of the Combined Authority, this group of fifteen housing association partners has formed with the support of the National Housing Federation, aiming to support the work of the Combined Authority in delivering the new homes promised.

The group is called Homes for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, and you can find out more in this report (pdf).

Housing enablers

The sub-regional enablers group meets approximately every three months to agree a shared approach between the district councils on housing development and enabling issues.

You can find the group’s terms of reference and one years’ meeting papers here.

Chief Planning Officers (CPOs) and Planning Policy Forum (PPF)

You can find out more about how planners work together in our area, here.

Homes for wellbeing

Cambridgeshire’s health and wellbeing board

You can find the Health and Wellbeing Board’s meeting papers here (opens link to Cambridgeshire County Council website).

Older peoples strategy and extra care group

More details coming soon…

Existing homes

Financial capability forum

This long-standing partnership forum covers Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Originally funded through the East of England Development Agency and European Social Fund, the Forum was set up to enable financial capability training and job search assistance for unemployed adults and frontline workers. Citizens Advice led a consortium of partners across the East of England. The Forum is chaired and hosted by CHS group.

You can find the group’s terms of reference and one years’ meeting papers here.

Building Better Opportunities

You can find out more about this project here

Work Routes

You can find out more about this project here

Housing need & homelessness

Home-Link management board and operations group

You can find out more about Home-Link by visiting the website here. More details on the meetings will be coming soon…

Homelessness trailblazer board

You can find out more about the Homelessness Trailblazer here, more details about meetings will be coming soon…

Other related groups and partners

Devolution and the Combined Authority

You can find out more about housing, devolution and the Combined Authority here.

You can visit the Combined Authority website here to learn more.

What are housing partners doing?

The sub-regional housing board (CRHB) gets an update on devolution at its meetings.

The National Housing Federation set up and is supporting a new group, Homes for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, which includes investment and community themes, to help and support the combined authority in its mission to accelerate the delivery of new homes. You can find out more about the group here (link to be added).

Greater Cambridge Partnership

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is the local delivery body for a City Deal with central Government, bringing powers and investment, worth up to £1 billion over 15 years, to vital improvements in infrastructure, supporting and accelerating the creation of 44,000 new jobs, 33,500 new homes and 420 additional apprenticeships.

The partnership of councils, business and academia will work together, and with partners and local communities, to grow and share prosperity and improve quality of life for the people of Greater Cambridge, now and in the future.

You can find out more at the GCP website, here.

Cambridge Ahead

Cambridge Ahead is a business and academic member group dedicated to the successful growth of Cambridge and its region in the long term. Our vision is for Cambridge to be the pre-eminent, small city in the world.

The group aims to represent the city’s business community and our partners who share our vision, by offering soundly-based opinion and be an advocate for Cambridge to local and national governments about the opportunities and needs of the region. At any one time we will have no more than 10 specific initiatives with defined objectives and measurable outcomes. We are politically non-aligned.

Cambridge Ahead will represent businesses and their interests in the ‘Cambridge City Region’, which we define as places which are complementary and subject to the same influences as Cambridge. However, our work may involve us outside the region where there are directly relevant issues, for instance national transport infrastructure, science policy, and regional initiatives.

You can find out more on the Cambridge Ahead website, here.

Local Enterprise Partnerships

The Greater Cambridge-Greater Peterborough LEP and the New Anglia LEP both support economic growth, which links to housing as workers want to live near to jobs so they don’t have to commute too far.

Employers need to know housing is available so it is not a barrier to workers taking up or retaining jobs in their area.