South Cambridgeshire

South Cambridgeshire Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership

The current priorities for the South Cambridgeshire Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership are:

  • Protect the vulnerable
  • Tackle Dwelling Burglary
  • Improve our understanding of our increasingly diverse communities and build community resilience

A Strategic Assessment is the document that forms the basis of business planning for the partnerships each year. The partnerships identified priorities and actions for the future stemming from the latest assessment findings.

Further details on this process can be found at the South Cambridgeshire District Council website.

A research paper was produced for the partnership on the extent of Child Sexual exploitation to help understand specific issues that the district faces.  The paper includes description of examples of interventions to tackle, reduce and support victims both locally and nationally.  This paper can be viewed here.

All previous assessments can be found in the document library.