Sub-regional housing strategy

Housing strategies

Homelessness strategies

Each district also has its own strategy on how it will work to prevent and tackle homelessness. Here are some links

Local housing development and enabling pages

Tenancy strategies

Under the Localism Act 2011 a council can set a tenancy strategy, which aims to make sure new rents and flexibilities set out in the Act were used properly.

Tenancy policies

Under the Localism Act 2011 housing providers can set a tenancy policy, which aims to make clear how they plan to use the new rents and flexibilities set out in the Act. Tenancy policies are available on housing providers’ websites and may be updated every now and then. Here are some local examples:

We would like to include links to every provider’s tenancy policy in our area. If you’d like to share your tenancy policy here, please contact us.

Extra care housing strategy for 2011 to 2015

Our delivery strategy for extra care housing in Cambridgeshire is available here, created by a partnership of organisations and interests from across Cambridgeshire.

The strategy includes mapping, priorities for future development and an action plan which will be reviewed and updated, ready for re-publication in 2015.

Cambridgeshire’s older peoples strategy

You can find Cambridgeshire’s Older People Strategy here.

Local Plans

Local Plans can be located via Cambridgeshire Insight’s planning page

Health and wellbeing strategy

Cambridgeshire’s health and wellbeing strategy 2012-2017 can be found here

Transforming Lives

Cambridgeshire’s Transforming Lives strategy can be found here