Health and Wellbeing Integrated Care Strategy

Health and Wellbeing Integrated Care Strategy

In December 2022, members of the board and the Integrated Partnership agreed the Joint Health and Wellbeing Integrated Care Strategy. It is hosted on the Integrated Care System website: Health & Wellbeing Integrated Care Strategy | CPICS Website

The strategy for 2022 to 2030 has three main goals:

  • To increase the number of years people spend in good health
  • To reduce inequalities in preventable deaths before the age of 75
  • To achieve better outcomes for our children

There are four priorities to help achieve these goals:

  • Priority 1 – Our children are ready to enter and exit education prepared for the next phase of their lives
  • Priority 2 – Create an environment for people to be as healthy as can be
  • Priority 3 – Reducing poverty through better employment, skills and housing
  • Priority 4 – Promoting early intervention and prevention measures to improve mental health and wellbeing