Local Housing Knowledge

Please follow the links above to find out more about housing locally, including housing market information. Each tab sets out more on:

  • Our housing market: Where you can find our strategic housing market assessment, housing bulletins and more
  • Needs assessments: a list in progress detailing housing and housing-related needs assessments published across our area
  • Strategies: Provides links to a library of local strategy documents for housing and related issues.
  • Our housing network: Details of some of the organisations, meetings and forums which work on housing and related issues, across our area. You can find some meeting papers here too.
  • Housing guide: our directory of services available in each district, to help people who have housing issues locate the services they need, regardless of the type of home they live in or are seeking.
  • Housing providers (aka housing associations) registered with Homes England, which own or manage homes in our area. The listing gives an indication of the number of homes in our area with links to their websites and to their reports from the Regulator of Social Housing
  • Building networks: On these pages we list various guides and manuals used by partners, which set out their ways of working, contact information, and in some cases the thresholds which need to be reached for someone to access the service. This is followed by a list of some of the partners working together on housing and related topics across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and West Suffolk, particularly around homelessness, hoarding, health and housing advice.