Across the East of England and beyond, local authorities are using the East of England Forecasting Model (EEFM) to better understand the development needs of their area.

Designed to facilitate the setting of consistent housing and jobs targets, the EEFM provides a set of baseline forecasts prepared by a leading independent forecasting house (Cambridge Econometrics) for the East of England region and sub-regions (counties, unitaries and district authorities), the East Midlands and South East regions, and the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough, Hertfordshire, New Anglia, South East and South East Midlands LEP areas. The EEFM also provides a means of generating alternative scenarios.

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An April 2017 note by Neil McDonald discusses how the EEFM can be used to estimate the number of homes needed to support economic growth.

EEFM 2017

The EEFM 2017 baseline forecasts – grouped by area – are now available. The latest forecasts are dated 13-06-2018. Further outputs including skills forecasts will be available soon.

The new EEFM 2017 skills module will provide employment forecasts by 25 occupation groups and 6 qualification levels. Employment forecasts by 31 industry sectors are already available in the EEFM 2017 baseline forecasts by area.

EEFM 2016

The EEFM 2016 baseline forecasts – grouped by both area and variable – are still available. The EEFM 2016 baseline land use forecasts, the EEFM 2016 technical report and an August 2016 note on the potential economic impacts of Brexit are also available.

EEFM 2014

The EEFM was developed by Oxford Economics to project economic, demographic and housing trends in a consistent fashion. The Autumn 2014 baseline forecasts – grouped by both area and variable – are still available. The EEFM 2014 forecasts were prepared by Oxford Economics.

An employment land module was added to the EEFM in 2014. The Autumn 2014 baseline land use forecasts are also available.

An alternative scenario – Eurozone deflation scenario – is now available. The Eurozone deflation scenario – available by area and variable – is a lower growth scenario which assumes a weaker UK outlook caused by a period of Eurozone deflation.

The EEFM 2014 baseline report provides more information about the macroeconomic context and scenario assumptions.

The EEFM 2014 technical report provides more information about the methodology and data sources.