Housing priorities

Housing priorities: working together

Housing is key to everyone’s health, well being and employment opportunities. Good quality housing is also vital for a   thriving local economy.  Across Cambridge, East Cambridgeshire, Fenland, Huntingdonshire, Peterborough, South Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk, the Housing Board works with partners to share learning and experience to:

  • Deliver new homes and communities to support economic success.
  • Ensure homes and services support better health and well being.
  • Improve standards in existing homes and encourage best use of all homes.
  • Identify and meet housing need, extend housing choice and tackle homelessness.
  • Understand housing costs and the cost of living crisis in our area, and tackle the impact of both
  • Support housing with a low impact on the environment, which is energy efficient and which limits our carbon footprint.

From 2022, these are the Housing Board’s six priorities, all of which will only be achieved by working closely with our partners.

Many issues are very local and are best addressed by district councils, housing partners and communities themselves – but some are shared across a wider area and this is where collaboration can really help. Some partners have a role and a business plan which covers a broad area and cuts across district boundaries.

You can follow the links across the top of this page to find a page on each of our six priorities. Each page sets out:

  • The local picture, including data we use to identify issues
  • Resources in the form of strategies, projects and plans in place
  • Partners, although the list is always growing.