Topic Summaries

Census 2021 – topic summaries

Census 2021 topic summaries include data tables for single variables (univariate) down to the most detailed geographies, which are grouped by a theme. A summary presentation for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough region, including analysis for the individual local authorities in this region, is available for each of the Census 2021 topic summaries:

Topic summaries release dates

Following on from the first results, the next Census 2021 data releases were a series of eight topic summaries. Each topic summary includes data tables for single variables (univariate) down to the most detailed geographies. The list below shows the order in which the topic summaries were published.

    1. Demography and migration – 2nd November 2022 (published)
    2. UK armed forces veterans – 10th November 2022 (published)
    3. Ethnic group, national identity, language and religion – 29th November 2022 (published)
    4. Labour market and travel to work – 8th December 2022 (published)
    5. Housing – 5th January 2023 (published)
    6. Sexual orientation and gender identity – 6th January 2023 (published)
    7. Education – 10th January 2023 (published)
    8. Health, disability, and unpaid care – 19th January 2023 (published)

Furthermore, the ONS will be publishing data from these topic summaries at ward level geographies. The confirmed release date for this is 30th January 2023.

The ONS will provide further updates to its plans for the release and publication of Census 2021 data on its website: ONS plans for publication of Census 2021 outputs.

Census 2021 – topic summary resources