User guides

There are two new interactive elements on the new Cambridgeshire Insight website that will help to display information in a more user friendly way. This guide will help you navigate these two elements and explain how to fully utilize these two tools.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer enables the user to search and find individual indicators. There are over 15,000 indicators to choose from. Once selected, a user can view the raw data or visualise it in a variety of ways including on a map, in a graph or on a time series. The guide below details how to use all the features within the data explorer.

Data Explorer Guide

Interactive Reports

Interactive reports generate a report for a specific theme and a specific geography. Please use the guide below to walk you through the process.

CI Report Guide

Interactive Maps

You may prefer to display data visually on a map. The short guide below provides a simple overview of map creation on the new Cambridgeshire Insight.

Creating a Map Guide CI