Local Authority

This section gives a link to Public Health England’s health profiles for upper and lower tier local authorities.  From 2019 these are now regularly updated both as HTML documents and on the Fingertips profile. We also provide a local summary, that will only be updated annually so please refer to Public Health England’s website too. There are also more extensive and detailed data at local authority level at our JSNA Core Dataset and Public Health Outcomes Framework pages.

PHE Health Profiles 2019

Public Health England’s Health Profiles give a snapshot of the overall health of each local authority in England. The profiles present a small set of some of the most important population health indicators that show how each area compares to the national average.  They are produced for use by elected Councillors, Directors of Public Health, Health and Wellbeing Boards and to inform Joint Strategic Needs Assessments.

Previously the the health profiles were published as annual snapshot PDF reports. From 2019, they are published as regularly updated online HTML reports.  Many of the indicators are now shared with the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

This local briefing was produced in November 2019 when the 2019 health profiles were first published and, as such, will become outdated as the HTML and Fingertips data are updated on the PHE website.  Therefore please refer to the health profiles at Public Health England’s website for the latest data.

The Local Health website, developed as part of the Health Profiles programme, provides access to maps and data at small area level. There is also a PHE Fingertips page for Local Health.