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The local health website from ONS provides information for smaller geographies (such as ward level) on a range of indicators. This information is presented in this dashboard for the MSOA areas within Cambridgeshire. An MSOA is a small geographical area with between 5,000 to 15,000 residents. 

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Page 2 of the dashboard shows a range of indicators at MSOA level. The darker areas on the map indicate high values of the selected indicator. For example, Warboys and Bury has the highest life expectancy for females in the area at 97.5 years, whereas Doddington, Wimblington, and Manea has the lowest life expectancy at 79.4 years. The high life expectancy in Warboys and Bury is unusually high and the reasons behind this are not clear: we intend to look into it in more detail soon.

The highest life expectancy for males is much lower at 86.6 years in Milton, Fen Ditton and with the lowest life expectancy in Bretton Park (75.1). Higher life expectancies are found in rural villages for both males and females.

Emergency hospital admissions tend to be higher in the north of our area, with the highest SAR (standardised admission ratio) in Wisbech North (132.1).

Patches of high all-age all-cause mortality (measured here using standardised mortality ratios) can be seen across our area, most notably in north Cambridge, Huntingdon, Wisbech and Peterborough, although there are high rates in some of the more rural areas as well.

Deprivation is concentrated around city centres as is shown by the higher IMD scores for Peterborough, Huntingdon, Wisbech, St Neots, and north of Cambridge City. These areas also show the most population density.

Elsewhere on Insight, this dashboard takes Census data and visualises it at Ward or Output Area level which is likely to be useful for people interested in small areas. 


Rural Urban Classification

Page 3 shows a map of Cambridgeshire by rural or urban cities and towns. The majority of areas in Cambridgeshire are classified as a rural town and fringe. The areas around the city centre are classified as urban city and town, most notably for Peterborough and Cambridge City. The edges of Cambridgeshire have rural villages, around Peterborough, Huntingdonshire, South Cambridgeshire and Fenland.

Deprivation’s relationship with health indicators

Page 4 shows the relationship between the deprivation score of our small areas, and several health indicators. It works best if all council areas are selected and then it is possible to see broad trends in the data, though there are often exceptions to the general trends. Plotting ratio data on this type of chart is not advisable and so many of the indicators are not included on this page.

Average life expectancy at birth clearly declines as deprivation increases, for both men and women. However, the fertility rate increases with deprivation.



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