What is a JSNA?

A Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) examines the current and future health and care needs of local populations to inform and guide the planning and commissioning of health, well-being, and social care services within a local area.

The purpose of the JSNA process is to:

· Provide local and national data analyses and evidence to show the health and wellbeing status of local communities.

· Enable local leaders to work together to understand and agree the needs of local people.

· Describe and illustrate gaps in health status, outcomes and experience.

· Provide information on local community views and evidence of effectiveness of existing interventions which will help to shape future plans for services.

· Highlight key findings based on the information and evidence collected.

· Inform the local Health and Wellbeing Board as to the content of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy, and to take into account the integrated care strategy.

Locally a Joint Health and Wellbeing Integrated Care Strategy was produced in December 2022 by the partnership of the Health and Wellbeing Board and the Integrated Care Partnership, available here.

Further guidance on JSNAs can be found here.

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