Open data

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Cambridgeshire Insight Open Data is the place to get local data. Organisations are sharing data in order to change the way we all live and work in the County as well as meet requirements for Open Government. This project seeks to meet the demand for local data by initially scoping the datasets that partners could release to support others to plan and then respond to the challenges created by growth. Cambridgeshire Insight will be used as a repository and dissemination channel for any data published by partners and will also make any results available as a toolkit for others to implement.

Interactive Mapping

Cambridgeshire Atlases and Cambridgeshire Profiles provide a wealth of data on your area, all of which can also be downloaded in excel documents. They cover a wide range of socio-economic themes, including Census 2011, Deprivation, Community Safety, Housing, People and Population and Social Classification.

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