New homes & communities

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CRHB works with partners to deliver new homes to support economic success, in cohesive communities.

The sub-regional picture

  • The Cambridge housing sub-region is an area of economic success, as demonstrated in Local Economic Assessments
  • The area has a continued record of housing delivery, even during the recession homes continued to be delivered as set out in County-wide annual monitoring reports. Although this delivery tells a positive story, there are consequences when housing pressure in an area leads to problems with access and affordability, in urban, market town and rural communities.
  • Being a large area, naturally the picture varies. Some parts of the area feel other kinds of pressure, where land values are lower and new development is harder to get off the ground. That's why we create a strategic housing market assessment and regular housing market bulletins to track changes in our market and compare local areas to the regional and national picture.
  • CRHB supports creating mixed and cohesive communities across the housing sub-region while respecting our environmental assets. CRHB also responds to the diverse needs of local communities including migrant workers, Gypsies and Travellers and hard-to-reach groups.
  • In 2016 a new joint strategic needs assessment has been produced about new housing developments and the build environment, which you can find by following this link.

Housing contributes to the local economy NHF report cover

Useful data was published by the National Housing Federation in 2013 setting out how housing activity drives local economies, giving examples of the value - like the increased GDP - housing association activity brings. The reports quantify some of the benefits to the both the the Greater Cambridge-Greater Peterborough and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership areas.

Further analysis by the Centre for Economic and Business Reseach, carried out for the National Housing Federation, shows:

Infographic on economic impact calculator for housing

Infographic 2 economic impact of housing


Self build and custom buildcustomer build picture

The Government has pledged to double the number of self and custom built homes constructed in England by 2020.

Local authorities are required to keep a register of people who want to build their own homes, and to consider this register in their planning, housing, land disposal and regeneration activities.

You can find out more about the legislation here and

South Cambridgeshire is a self-build vanguard authority, and in this role would like to share some of the initiatives they are implementing and to explore a proposal for a regional self build - custom build 'service hub’ with partners and neighbours.

You can find out more about the vanguard status, the regional hub proposal, and events being held on this page.

Planning new homes and communities Map of Cambridgeshire housing development sites

Cambridgeshire County Council's Research and Monitoring Team publishes updates on housing development across the county, and publishes its findings here. In brief, the team completes two kinds of survey of housing development to monitor local progess. There are:

  • An annual survey of all housing development sites, and the stage they have reached at the end of March each year. The latest annual monitoring report (2013 to 2014) is available here.
  • A smaller survey every three months, of sites where there is planning permission for more than 100 homes. The latest survey was completed in December 2014. Two maps are created showing the findings - one of larger sites across the whole county, and one zooming in on larger sites in the Cambridge and Northstowe area.

For more on this please see our Planning pages.

Standards for new homes Slide from presentation on housing standards

Government departments have been working to simplify the standards new homes must be built to. In November 2014, Andy Von Bradsky, chairman of PRP Architects, talked the Housing Development Forum through some of the planned changes.

His slides are available here which provide a really useful outline or the review.

In addition, the Cambridgeshire Quality Panel provides scrutiny of development proposals for the major growth sites in Cambridgeshire.

Yes to homesNHF Yes to Homes campaign logo

The National Housing Federation has been running a campaign called Yes to homes. The campaign aims to help people who support the development of new homes to make their voices heard.

Please visit Yes to homes to find out more.

Action plan

Please click here to find the housing board's action plan 2016-17 as set out at the start of the year.

If you visit the CRHB meeting page, you'll find regular updates to the action plan.