Crime and Community Safety

Cambridgeshire Atlas

The Cambridgeshire Atlas | Crime and community safety atlas provides crime and community safety data and analysis for Cambridgeshire. It functions as a ward profile tool displaying data for a range of community safety related topics. You can use the contents to discover all the data available at a ward level. This atlas has now been updated to include data from 2007 to 2016.

This atlas is interactive and we would encourage you to explore and ‘play’ with the atlas as much as possible to gain the full benefits. All changes you make can be undone and the atlas can be reset simply by refreshing the webpage using the Refresh button or F5.

To access the Crime and Community Safety Atlas, please click here

We have also created this Cambridgeshire Atlas | Victim and offender gender and age pyramid (2012). This features the breakdown of victim and offenders for each district, by age group and gender in Cambridgeshire. This allows you to locally see the profiles of victimisation and offending by district. You can compare different age groups between districts and with the County by adding comparator lines to the pyramid.

The data comes from police recorded crime in Cambridgeshire and covers the year 2012.The data was also used in the victim and offender needs assessment.

To access the Victim and offender gender and age pyramid, please click here