East Cambridgeshire

About East Cambridgeshire

At the time of the 2011 Census, housing in East Cambridgeshire looked something like this:

  • The population of East Cambridgeshire was 83,818, making up 34,614 households.
  • Social & affordable rented: 14% of households  or around 4,944 were renting from a housing association.
  • Private renters: 13% of households or around 4,576  were renting privately from a landlord or letting agent, or were living “rent free”.
  • Home owners: 69 % of households, or around 23,719 owned their home including those with a mortgage, owned outright, and including 506 households in “shared ownership”.

I need advice, am homeless or might be…

Local authority housing advice

Local authorities have a duty to advise and assist any resident with a housing problem. If a person is homeless, threatened with homelessness, being harassed or thinks they are being illegally evicted; if they cannot afford housing in a suitable location etc. they can approach local authority for advice and assistance. These teams will help the customer find a suitable solution for their individual situation.

Street Support Cambridgeshire

There is a website called Street Support Cambridgeshire which can help whether you are homeless and looking for help, you re concerned about someone who is homeless, or you would like to offer your time, goods or funding to help local homeless people.


Any reports of rough sleepers anywhere in the UK should be flagged to the appropriate service via Streetlink. There is an app to download which enables you to outline your concerns and where you have seen the person rough sleeping. If you are concerned and feel it is an emergency situation, please dial 999.

The duty to refer

Organisations can contact the district housing team using the “duty to refer” where there is a risk of homelessness.
If you believe someone has nowhere to sleep tonight, or is under threat of homelessness within the next 56 days, please use these on-line forms to provide as much information as possible, with the person’s consent. The aim is for organisations to work together to try to prevent someone becoming homeless, wherever possible.

Please speak to housing advice as soon as possible and do not rely solely on the on-line forms, and you can call housing advice to speak to someone.

I need to find a new home

Apply for social housing: Home-Link

Home-Link is a system to help people choose the social housing they’d like to live in, rather than being ‘allocated’ a home by the local authority. It’s known as a “choice-based lettings” system which seven local councils use to let newly built social and affordable housing, and to let homes which become empty because the previous tenant has moved out. Home-Link helps:

  • council and housing association tenants who need to move from one property to another for example if their needs change – maybe needing a smaller home, a larger home, somewhere nearer to a new job, or needing specialist housing.
  • private renters and home owners who need social or affordable housing, and qualify for it (there is an application process).

You can apply to Home-Link on-line. You need to be registered to have the chance to bid.

Once you are registered, in East Cambridgeshire the housing register is managed locally by Sanctuary Housing (in some areas, this task is provided by the district council). You can get in touch here…

Buy your own home

There are government schemes available to make buying a home more affordable. You can use the “own your own home” on-line tool to find out which scheme is right for you. The schemes include:

  • The mortgage guarantee scheme
  • Help to Buy (equity loan)
  • Shared ownership
  • The right to buy
  • … and others.

Build your own home

Councils in England have to keep a register of people who are interested in self build or custom build in their area. This register helps the council know the level of demand for such plots, so it can develop a strategy to match people to plots in their area. You can find out more about the East Cambridgeshire approach on their website.

Where I live now

I rent from the council

In 1993 East Cambridgeshire District Council transferred its council housing stock to Hereward Housing which is now known as Sanctuary Housing. As there is no council housing any more in East Cambridgeshire, it’s most likely you are renting from another social landlord.

My home is rented from Sanctuary Housing

You can find out more about Sanctuary Housing (formerly Hereward Housing) including their contact details, here:

I rent from a different social landlord

Housing associations and other registered providers own and manage social rented and shared ownership homes in East Cambridgeshire. You can find a list of housing providers, registered with Homes England, which own or manage housing locally, with links to their websites, here:

I rent from a private landlord or letting agent

In East Cambridgeshire the Environmental Services, Domestic Team provides information for landlords and tenants to make sure they are safe in their homes. Tenants in East Cambridgeshire can contact the Domestic Team and ask for an inspection if housing repairs are not being carried out by your landlord or if you require advice about the condition of your home. The link below takes you to the council’s private sector housing page, which is part of their Environmental Services team.

I own my home

There are a number of service for people who own their own homes, detailed on the rest of this page.

I need some support to stay safe and well

Home Improvement Agency

Home improvement agencies are local organisations dedicated to helping people of all ages who are vulnerable, have a disability or a limited life expectancy (including older people, babies and children) to live safely and with dignity in their homes. Services for residents focus on making sure that existing housing is fit for purpose and that vulnerable people can continue to live independently for as long as possible. Housing association tenants, private tenants and homes owners can apply.

East Cambridgeshire Care & Repair assists elderly, disabled and vulnerable people in East Cambridgeshire to organise building related works to their own homes that will allow them to remain living independently, safely and comfortably.

The Care and Repair team is friendly and experienced, and will work with you to help you to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant for adaptations, or apply for a Minor Works Grant for repairs. Care and Repair specialise in organising adaptations, for example level access showers or extensions to provide sleeping, showering, bathing and toilet facilities. The staff work closely with the occupational therapists, draw plans, arrange planning applications, obtain contractors’ quotations and inspect the building work. Our caseworkers will visit you in their your home to give you free confidential advice on repairs, adaptations and improvements to your home. The service is available to individuals, relations, carers or professionals such as occupational therapists or social workers. Here is a link to more information including opening times and online application.

Handyperson Scheme

Cambridgeshire Handyperson Service is for people aged over 65 or those with a disability living in Cambridge City, East Cambridgeshire, Fenland, Huntingdonshire or South Cambridgeshire. It is run by Age UK. The service aims to prevent falls and accidents by offering a free personal assessment, home safety check and arranging small jobs to be carried out.

Visiting support for older people

In East Cambridgeshire, Fenland and Huntingdonshire, Age UK offers free extra support for over 65’s when it’s needed most; particularly during difficult periods such as bereavement, ill health, financial worries or housing concerns. The team will work with you to access services and support networks, and will listen to your thoughts and wishes and together we will plan the desired outcomes.

Support offered can include:

  • Assistance with forms and applications including welfare benefits, blue badges and grants
  • Help with paperwork and liaising with third parties, organising bills and payments
  • Assistance with housing choices, including care homes
  • Adapting to changing needs, such as considering falls prevention equipment and aids
  • Information about and/or referral to social groups and leisure activities
  • Help to access a variety of services
  • Support to access care provision.

Contact information is set out below:

Floating Support

If you need support in your home, particularly support which helps maintain your tenancy or will prevent homelessness, “floating” support may be needed. It is called floating because it is not tied to a particular building or housing scheme, it can be provided to almost any type of home.
Across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, P3 provides the floating support service. All support is offered via appointment, you can call or email to make an appointment. Professionals can also call to seek some guidance about the service.

Support to deal with domestic abuse

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call 999.

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Partnership provides a lot of helpful information and links, which you can find here:

Other useful numbers are:

  • Cambridge Women’s Aid covering Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and East Cambridgeshire 01223 361214
  • Cambridge Rape Crisis 01223 245888
  • Peterborough Rape Crisis 01733 852578
  • You can find the East Cambridgeshire page on domestic abuse at https://www.eastcambs.gov.uk/community-safety/domestic-abuse

Support to deal with anti social behaviour

You can find out about anti social behaviour and contact the anti social behaviour team at East Cambridgeshire District Council by visiting:

Help related to hoarding

If you are concerned about hoarding, you can find more information at this page:

Help following a crime

Victims & Witness Hub

You can find independent and confidential advice for victims of crime using the Victims and Witness Hub.
You don’t need to have reported your crime to the Police to receive support. For free, confidential and tailored advice on which service can best suit you, use the link or call the phone number for the Hub.


You can use “fearless” to report any crime, anonymously, using an online form, 24 / 7

Neighbourhood policing

This link takes you to contacts for Neighbourhood Policing Teams in each district

The Probation Service

The Probation Service has centres in Cambridge, Wisbech, Huntingdon and Peterborough. Addresses for each are listed below:

  • Cambridge 27 Warkworth Street, Cambridge CB1 1EG
  • Wisbech: The Jo Berridge Rooms, 25/26 The Boathouse, Harbour Square, Wisbech PE13 3BH
  • Huntingdon: Godwin House, George Street, Huntingdon PE29 3BD
  • Peterborough has 2 centres: Peterborough Magistrates Court, Bridge Street, PE1 1ED and 12–13 Adam Court, Peterborough PE1 5PP

Outside Links

Provides support following prison release

Work & money matters


Each district oversees the administration of benefit applications and payments. This link provides a first point of contact for benefit issues and advice in East Cambridgeshire

Local Council Tax Team

Information on the East Cambridgeshire council tax team can be found here:

Government’s Department of Work and Pensions

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy. As the UK’s biggest public service department it administers the State Pension and a range of working age, disability and ill health benefits to around 20 million claimants and customers.

Job Cente Plus

Find your nearest job centre plus (JCP) at https://find-your-nearest-jobcentre.dwp.gov.uk/ (you will need to type in your postcode)

There are several JCPs across our area, but it’s not always obvious which JCP a person to attend (it’s based on the postcode area you live in). So we recommend you use the link above to make sure you find the correct JCP before making contact, this should save some time. We have included a list of the JCPs and phone numbers below, to help once you have identified which you need to contact:

  • Cambridge JCP: Henry Giles House, 73-79 Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3BQ. Phone 0845 6043719
  • Ely JCP: 52b Market Street, Ely CB7 4LU. Phone 0800 0556688
  • Wisbech JCP: Albion House, Albion Place, Wisbech, PE13 1AN. Phone 0800  1690190
  • Huntingdon JCP: Pathfinder House, St Mary’s Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3TN. Phone 0800 1690190
  • Peterborough JCP: 45, Bridge Street, Peterborough PE1 1HA. Phone 0800 1690190 or textphone 0800 169 0314
  • Bury St Edmunds JCP: St Andrews House, St Andrew St North, Bury St Edmunds IP33 1TT. Phone 0800 169 0190 or textphone 0845 608 8551

Money and Pensions Service (MaPS)

Promoting financial well being

…and money helper provides free impartial help with money (backed by the government) for individuals

Making Money Count

Making Money Count offers everyday help with money; being online; finding work; renting; universal credit. All the information is reliable, practical and easy to follow. It is brought to you by organisations working across Cambridgeshire, West Norfolk and Peterborough who want to help make life fairer for everyone.

Cambridgeshire Local Assistance Scheme

The Cambridgeshire Local Assistance Scheme (CLAS) provides information, advice and practical support for people experiencing financial difficulty and hardship. For more information and to apply, or to apply on someone’s behalf (referrals), please contact your nearest CAB.

Building Better Opportunities

There are four linked projects covering Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, which work hard to help people get into, or get back into, work.

Energy efficiency

East Cambridgeshire information

Please visit this web page to find out more about home efficiency grants, renewable energy, winter energy payments and winter warmth.

LEAP (the Local Energy Advice Partnership)

East Cambridgeshire District Council has partnered with LEAP which offers a free energy advice service for our residents and aims to tackle fuel poverty. LEAP offers telephone-only energy and income advice services in our LEAP areas under the service name, “Connect for Help”, a programme funded by the Warm Homes Fund.

Please note that this service does not offer home visits or small measures like lightbulbs and draughtproofing. However, it does still offer all the advice services including the benefit entitlement checking and income maximisation.

The service is available to anyone that either is already in, or is at risk of falling into fuel poverty. It is open to all types of householders – homeowners, private renters and social housing tenants. You can check the eligibility criteria on the Connect for Help website. Referral partners can refer eligible households, vulnerable tenants, and homeowners on low income into the scheme on-line.

Energy Savings Trust

You can also visit the national Energy Savings Trust website for other information and updates

Health matters

GP surgeries

GPs across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are listed on this website:

Support with mental health

First Response Service

The First Response Service is run by Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust. You can access a mental health team by dialing 111 and choosing ‘option 2’. You will be put through to the First Response Service. Specially-trained mental health staff will speak to you and discuss your mental health care needs – instead of having to go to A&E. The service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides support, advice and treatment. It doesn’t matter whether you are currently in contact with mental health services or have been in the past.
Individuals, carers, family members and friends can use the service. This link provides some more information on the service. You can find out more at:

Help related to drug or alcohol use

The specialist drug and alcohol service Change Grow Live provides support to people affected by drug and alcohol use.

Some useful directories

Some on-line resources are listed below, where you can find all kinds of help…

I have a different issue

Your local council

If you need to contact the council, you can find their contact information here:

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

The CAB is a charity that gives free, confidential information and advice to help people with their money, legal, consumer and other problems. The service aims to provide the advice people need for the problems they face, and to improve the policies and principles that affect people’s lives. Trained advisers help write letters, make phone calls, negotiate with creditors and represent clients at tribunals and courts.
East Cambridgeshire is part of the Citizens Advice Rural Cambs (limited Service) area.

Care Network

Care Network provides help and advice through their Community Navigators.

Cambridgeshire Online Directory of Services

This directory provides listings of services, events, groups, organisations and clubs across the county. The Directory is being updated daily with the latest information about what is currently available

Adult social care

For short term / low level support, and long term care and support you can access services here via customer service team at careinfo@cambridgeshire.gov.uk


Early Help for children


If you want to correct any of the links or information on this page, please contact sue.beecroft@cambridge.gov.uk