Transport Data Insights

Transport Data Insights

Annual Traffic Monitoring Reports

The CCC Policy and Insight team produce an Annual Traffic Monitoring Report which summarises traffic trends across the county based on our annual traffic survey data. You can find the Traffic Monitoring Reports in our document library in the “Transport & Traffic” section. You can view the locations of our annual traffic surveys here.

Quarterly Transport Data Updates

The CCC Policy and Insight team also produce a quarterly transport trends update for the Greater Cambridge area. These quarterly updates use data collected by the Council and also make use of data provided by local partner organisations, as listed below. The updates are intended to provide an indication of how travel changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and whether travel patterns are continuing to change.

Data Sources:

The CCC Policy and Insight team uses data from the following organisations for the purpose of informing the quarterly transport data updates:

        • Google mobility data – the settings in which people are spending time (residential, retail, workplace etc). Discontinued in October 2022.
        • National Highways data – Strategic Road Network traffic counts, also available via WebTRIS.
        • Vivacity traffic sensor data – pedestrian, cycle and motorised vehicle counts, more information here.
        • Cambridge BID footfall data – indication of footfall in central Cambridge and near Cambridge railway station.
        • Cambridge City car park data – number of vehicles parked and length of stay.
        • Office of Rail and Road (ORR) rail station usage estimates – entries and exits at rail stations.
        • Stagecoach bus passenger data – bus service and P&R passenger numbers.
        • Voi e-scooter data – usage statistics including the number of users, average trip distance / time and popular origins / destinations.
        • Cambridge City Air Quality data – data from continuous monitors, also available via Air Quality England.
Latest transport slide pack:

PDF Version:

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Greater Cambridge transport update – January 2024.

Historic transport slide packs: