ONS Population Tools

“The following tools can be used to see how the drivers of population change vary across the country.

To use this interactive tool select a local authority to view the population change and the components of change in the mid-2016 population estimates. The components of change maps compare each driver of change to the mid-2015 population total for each area. Other changes (for example, in special populations such as prisoners) are included in the datasets that accompany this bulletin, but are not presented in the interactive map below.”

Map of population change mid-2015 to mid-2016 and main components of change, local authorities in UK
Maps of inflow, outflow and net flow per 100 population (mid-2015), between local authorities in England and Wales, year ending June 2016


The interactive map below displays the inflow, outflow and net flow of population between local authorities. For example South Cambridgeshire shows a inflow of 6.33% and an outflow of 5.99% giving a total net flow of 0.34% per 100 population.


For more information please visit the ONS Population Estimates page here.