VONA Gender and Age Pyramid

VONA Gender and Age Pyramid

The Cambridgeshire research group have created this population pyramid so that locally you can see the profiles by district of victimisation and offending. This is to help local service delivery and ensure best practice in evidence led policy.

This dashboard shows two factors that might affect the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime or an offender of crime, gender and age. The atlas does this by showing the rate per 1,000 people of offending and victimisation by gender and by age groups in a pyramid at district level. Currently it does not break it down by crime type.

The data comes from police recorded crime in Cambridgeshire and covers the year 2015 for Victims and 2016 for Offenders .The offender data was also used in the Offender needs assessment 2016, which provides the detail behind the the pyramid.

How it works

This atlas complements the Offender Needs Assessment by showing the rate of victimisation and offending at district level. The atlas allows you to view 10 different population pyramids, two for each district (one for offenders and one for victims). You can compare different age groups between districts and with the County by adding comparator lines to the pyramid.

Your turn

Look for yourself and use the pyramid to compare rates of victims and offenders in different districts or to see the difference between males and females, and perhaps you could try and see which age group has the highest rate of victims in your area.

The Cambridgeshire Atlas | Victim and offender gender and age pyramid (2016) is also available to view externally here