Data and resources by Theme

These data and information sources are being updated as more detail becomes available.

Mobility & connectivity

Environment, energy & climate change

Community cohesion

Place makingA great place diagram

The following resources are categorised under headings on The Place Diagram developed by the Project for Public Spaces which looks at what makes a successful place.

Use & activities

Local business

Land-use patterns

Property values

Rent levels

Retail sales

Comfort & Image

Crime statistics

Sanitation rating

Building conditions

Environmental data

Access & Linkages

Traffic data

(See Mobility and Connectivity section for more information)

Mode splits

Transit usage

Pedestrian activity

Parking usage patterns


- provides residents and communities in Cambridgeshire with easy online access to local information and services. Being able to find out what is happening locally helps people to get involved and build networks around their interests.

Number of women, children & elderly

Social networks


Evening use

Street life