Mobility and Connectivity

Policies, Publications and Programmes

  • The Local Transport Plan is a statutory document which outlines existing and future transport issues in the county and how the County council will seek to address them.
  • The Cambridge City and South Cambs transport strategy will provide a plan to cope with the rising population and increase in demand on our travel network by shifting people from cars to other means of travel including cycling, walking and public transport.
  • Connecting Cambridgeshire is an ambitious programme to improve Cambridgeshire’s broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi coverage, whilst supporting online skills, business growth and technological innovation to meet future digital challenges.

Wicked Problem

How will the transport network support growth and provide capacity to allow for the additional transport demands of new residents and workers whilst protecting Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire’s distinctive character and environment?

Challenges and Opportunities

The local transport plan identifies 8 challenges.  How might a "smarter" Cambridge address these challenges?

  • Challenge 1: Improving the reliability of journey times by managing demand for road space, where appropriate and maximising capacity and efficiency of the existing network.
  • Challenge 2: Reducing the length of the commute and the need to travel by private car.
  • Challenge 3: Making sustainable modes of transport a viable and attractive alternative to the private car.
  • Challenge 4: Future-proofing our maintenance strategy and new transport infrastructure to cope with the effects of climate change.
  • Challenge 5: Ensuring people – especially those at risk of social exclusion – can access the services they need within reasonable time, cost and effort.
  • Challenge 6: Addressing the main causes of road accidents in Cambridgeshire.
  • Challenge 7: Protecting and enhancing the natural environment by minimising the environmental impact of transport .
  • Challenge 8: Influencing national and local decisions on land-use and transport planning that impact on routes through Cambridgeshire

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