Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The Health and Wellbeing Board and Network bring together those who buy and run services across the NHS, public health, social care and children’s services, district services, elected representatives and representatives from Health Watch to plan services for Cambridgeshire The Board works collaboratively to decide on JSNAs to inform the local Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The Strategy focuses on the following six priorities to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of Cambridgeshire residents. In particular, within each of these priorities, we will work to improve the health of the poorest fastest:

1. Ensure a positive start to life for children, young people and their families.

2. Support older people to be independent, safe and well.

3. Encourage healthy lifestyles and behaviours in all actions and activities while respecting people’s personal choices.

4. Create a safe environment and help to build strong communities, wellbeing and mental health.

5. Create a sustainable environment in which communities can flourish.

6. Work together effectively.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy – Executive Summary (2012-2017)

Health and Wellbeing Strategy – Full Document (2012-2017)

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Health and Wellbeing Board

Peterborough Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Peterborough has a separate Health & Wellbeing Strategy as part of the statutory obligations of its separate Health & Wellbeing Board. Information relating to this strategy is available at URL:

The Peterborough 2016-19 Health & Wellbeing Strategy document and associated annual review reports are available below.

Peterborough Health & Wellbeing Strategy – Full Document (2016-19)

Peterborough Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2017 Annual Review

Peterborough Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2018 Annual Review

Peterborough Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2019 Annual Review