Trauma informed system

Trauma informed system

Part of Changing Futures is to explore what trauma informed practice looks for individuals using our system.

At events, conversations and meetings held so far, the importance of building a trauma-informed culture is a common thread.

Many organisations are already making sure staff are trained up to take a trauma-informed approach. But there is more to being trauma informed than those individual conversations.

Each organisation needs to think about how people respond to the buildings and facilities on offer, and whether there is more to be done to make sure partners are helping people share and overcome past traumas, not adding to them.

This especially applies when a person has a number of issues – how can organisations minimize the trauma for individuals who are dealing with not one, but many organisations?

This is also a topic to consider as a whole system…

  • How do we avoid people re-telling their stories numerous times?
  • How do we help people share information they are willing to, with other agencies?
  • How do we reduce the time needed to access all the relevant services?

A first workshop was been held in July 2023 about trauma informed systems where a number of interested individuals thought the topic through together, sharing learning and experiences. There will be more opportunities to get involved.

You can find a whiteboard showing the outcomes of the workshop here. If you have thoughts to add, please use the “comment” button (top right of the screen)