The trusted person approach

The trusted person approach

The trusted person approach is all about helping an individual who faces multiple disadvantage to get the support they need without having to repeat their story over and over.

It aims to help the people who are trusted with an individual’s story to secure the help of the various teams who can get involved – sometimes through a professionals meeting if that’s most needed.

The approach also aims to link up people who work with individuals facing multiple disadvantage from across our system, helping share stories of successes which can be repeated and failures we can all learn from and avoid repeating; also clarifying where there are common barriers and how the Changing Futures team can help get these removed.

You can find a briefing note here: Trusted person note 250124

Case studies are linked here:

We are building of FAQs, so if you have any queries about the trusted person approach please email us. We will answer your question and can add it the list of frequently asked questions. Thank you!