The learning ecosystem

The learning ecosystem

Changing Futures Cambridgeshire & Peterborough focuses on learning lessons, overcoming and removing barriers, and on sharing learning from each person’s experiences so others don’t have to solve the same problems over and over again.

To help with this flow of communication, a simple governance structure has been devised to make sure that at each level of operations, people with lived experience are involved and lessons are shared with partners who can then work together to remove barriers.

The ecosystem diagram

We have devised a graphic which sets out how we see the flow of information leading to learning, system change and lessons to help us all overcome the barriers faced by people in multiple disadvantage. We want to share successes when things go well, or are resolved. We are calling this our “ecosystem of learning”.

The ecosystem is building up. Parts are working already and parts are yet to be fully put into practice, but we hope the idea of  flow of  information and learning helps visualize what we are working towards…

Please click here for a key to the ecosystem of learning diagram.