Co-production and co-design

Co-production and co-design

It’s crucial that this programme is centered on the experience of people who have been through multiple disadvantage.

So far we have…

  • Based our plans on feedback from people with lived experience, including plans for the Trusted Person approach.
  • Built our bid for government funding on input from people with lived experience, as well as partner organisations.

  • Gained insight and support from people with lived experience at both Tactical Group and Strategic Board meetings. To help with this, we’ve produced a note outlining the buddy system 061023.
  • Welcomed people with lived experience to the attend Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Public Service Board (CPPSB) meetings to explain the difference this work makes.
  • Secured the help of people with lived experience to put together case studies to help partners understand the Trusted Person model.
  • Created a note summarizing the Peterborough co-production forum’s exploration of these questions… Image of conceptual ladder setting out the stages of co-production, which are (from bottom to top) coercion, educating, informing, consultation, engagement, co-design, co-production. The colourful ladder image includes stick people climbing from the bottom of the ladder to the top.
    • What have been your positive experiences of services?
    • What would you change?
    • What are the issues & barriers you face at the moment?
    • How would you like to be involved to make change?

You can find a note of the meeting held in July 2023, here.

Please click here for a Ladder-of-coproduction image (thumbnail on the right)

System enquiries

Co-production groups have identified some areas they want to investigate – many of these enquiries have started. Here is a brief note summarizing the position at the end of October 2022.

Since then:

  • We have created a new miro board which summarizes the various system enquiries either planned or in progress, here
  • We have set out the journey an enquiry may take – bearing in mind they will all work slightly differently – in this note system-enquiry-journey-310723
  • Here, Carl of MEAM has summarized learning emerging from enquiries so far: System-enquiries-overview-310723
  • We took the feedback of experts by experience about co-production to the Strategic Group in October 2023 to explore what more these partners can do to support and encourage co-production across the system. You can find the note here.