Welcome to the EoE HACA PowerBI training session. Here are some resources we will use during the session. 

If you can’t get your API to work, try cutting and pasting this for the source for a single indicator :

= Csv.Document(Web.Contents(“https://fingertips.phe.org.uk/api/all_data/csv/for_one_indicator?indicator_id=93823″),[Delimiter=”,”, Columns=27, Encoding=65001, QuoteStyle=QuoteStyle.None])

And try this for multiple indicators:

= Csv.Document(Web.Contents(“https://fingertips.phe.org.uk/api/all_data/csv/by_indicator_id?indicator_ids=93823%2C20602%2C90362″),[Delimiter=”,”, Columns=27, Encoding=65001, QuoteStyle=QuoteStyle.None])

If the API fails, download this .csv data file and we’ll use that instead. Fingertips data for API workshop (CSV data file)

A list of all Fingertips indicators and their reference numbers is here, though it might be a little out of date (CSV file) All Fingertips Indicators

This powerBI dashboard is part of our JSNA and is entirely Fingertips API-fed (though it does not update automatically). Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Insight – JSNA 2023 – All JSNA Dashboards – JSNA 2023 dashboards recent mortality (cambridgeshireinsight.org.uk)