Area Profiles

Area-based profiles present data on a range of health topics.  They are often used to compare one area to another which can help to highlight inequalities and target action.

Local Authority

PHE Health Profiles 2017

Public Health England’s Health Profiles give a snapshot of the overall health of each local authority in England.

Public Health England’s Health Profiles give a snapshot of the overall health of each local authority in England. The profiles present a small set of some of the most important health indicators that show how each area compares to the national average in order to highlight potential problem areas.  They are produced for use by elected Councillors, Directors of Public Health, Health and Wellbeing Boards and to inform Joint Strategic Needs Assessments.

PDF reports of the profiles are released annually with quarterly updates to the data published online.  Many of the indicators are now shared with the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

The Local Health website, developed as part of the Health Profiles programme, provides access to maps and data at small area level and has also been recently updated.

Spend and Outcomes Tool (SPOT)

Public Health England have developed a Spend and Outcome Tool (SPOT) to give organisations in England an overview of spend and outcomes across key areas of business.  SPOTs are released for both Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities.

SPOT allows the assessment of levels of investment and associated clinical outcomes in comparison to regional and national benchmarks across several programme budget areas.

Summaries of the SPOT for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Authorities have been published by PHE:

 PHE SPOT Summary – Cambridgeshire (418.46 KB)

 PHE SPOT Summary – Peterborough (504.95 KB)

For access to all of the SPOT resources published by Public Health England, see:

ONS Cluster Dataset

Our ONS cluster dataset from 2012 presented a range of health-related indicators benchmarked against Cambridgeshire’s comparator local authorities.

Our Cambridgeshire districts ONS cluster dataset 2012 (452.55 KB) benchmarks health outcome and health determinant data for Cambridgeshire’s local authority districts against national and Office for National Statistics (ONS) cluster averages.  ONS clusters are groups of local authorities that are socioeconomically and demographically similar and hence can represent a more valid comparator group for each district than using the national average.

ONS are currently updating their clusters of local authorities following the 2011 Census – for more information, see

Also on Cambridgeshire Insight:

Interactive Atlas

A range of demographic and health-related measures are presented at upper and lower-tier local authority level in the interactive Cambridgeshire JSNA Public Health Atlas.

The Cambridgeshire JSNA Public Health Atlas is an interactive data tool providing data for Cambridgeshire, its districts and electoral wards for a number of key indicators relating to the health of the local population.

Please note:  Data in the atlas are currently being reviewed and more up-to-date data for some topics may be available elsewhere on the website, listed under the relevant topic area.

The atlas is designed to support a broad range of public health work and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) for Cambridgeshire.


Public Health Outcomes Framework

The Department of Health’s Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) sets out desired outcomes for public health at local authority level.  We produce a quarterly briefing to summarise the data for Cambridgeshire and its districts.

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Towns and Wards

Town Profiles

We have used Public Health England’s Local Health Tool to produce profiles for the major towns in Cambridgeshire, presenting the key health related data available at small area level.  Each town profile is created by combining data for the wards and/or MSOAs which best cover the geography of the town.

East Cambridgeshire

Ely Local Health Town Profile – April 2017

Littleport Local Health Town Profile – April 2017

Soham Local Health Town Profile – April 2017


Chatteris Local Health Town Profile – April 2017

 March Local Health Town Profile – April 2017

Whittlesey Local Health Town Profile – April 2017

Wisbech Local Health Town Profile – April 2017

As well as the PDF profiles, Local Health also provides spine charts showing each indicator in relation to the variation and average in England.  In October 2016, we produced an overview of the spine charts for the four Fenland towns as well as looking at ‘rural Fenland’, the Fenland average and the Fenland average excluding Wisbech.  We found that Wisbech tended to fare worse than the other towns and appeared to adversely impact on the overall picture for Fenland.  This analysis can be found below:

Fenland Towns Spine Chart Summary- October 2016


Huntingdon Local Health Town Profile- April 2017

St Ives Local Health Town Profile-  April 2017

St Neots Local Health Town Profile- April 2017

Ward level data

A range of demographic and health-related measures are presented at electoral ward level in the interactive Cambridgeshire JSNA Public Health Atlas.  The atlas includes ward-level data on:

  • Population estimates
  • Deprivation
  • Life expectancy and mortality
  • General health and long-term illness
  • Childhood obesity
  • Birth rates and birth weight

Also on Cambridgeshire Insight:

The Public Health Intelligence Team and the Research Group work in partnership to include a selection of health indicators alongside other ward-level data in the Cambridgeshire Atlas Ward Profiles.

The Ward Profiles is an interactive atlas displaying key socio-economic and demographic data at a ward level. On screen metadata notes explains each of the individual indicators and you are also able to print off your own customised profile

The HTML 5 link: Cambridgeshire Atlas | Ward Profiles (modern browsers and mobiles)

The Flash link: Cambridgeshire Atlas | Ward Profiles Flash (older browser with Adobe Flash Player)

Cambridgeshire Atlas | Ward Profiles contains a great number of variables across different themes.

Themes covered include crime, demography and health.

External links:

Public Health England’s Local Health website, developed as part of the Health Profiles programme, provides access to data at ward and middle super output area (MSOA) level.