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Cambridgeshire Insight is a shared knowledge base for the Cambridgeshire area. It allows our users an efficient easy way to:

· access and share data

· find and download reports

· discover research intelligence about their local area.

It also acts as a valuable planning tool to support strategic planning for the growth and development of services in the county.

The Cambridgeshire Atlas is a display tool that allows users to view interactive atlases, dashboards, profiles or key indicator reports.

It combines maps, charts and graphs to allow viewing of data trends for different geographies in Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire Atlases cover a number of themes including:

The Cambridgeshire Profiles are a set of linked web pages that provide local data on an area-by-area or theme-by-theme basis.

The header menu at the top of all website pages are a set of tabs that can take you directly to the type of content you want:

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clicking on this shows the data tools and resources that Cambridgeshire insight offers. This includes Cambridgeshire Atlases, Cambridgeshire Profiles, Census 2011 Profile tools for different geographies and Public Health profiles.


The Cambridgeshire insight blog shares the latest thoughts and initiatives from local information and research practitioners


The Calendar allows you to view upcoming local information and research events and publication dates. The calendar list defaults to the next upcoming events, this can be changed by using the navigate to previous next month buttons.


The Projects tab allows users to view content from different sources on new and current projects. This includes tools, resources and new policy related information.


A list of help resources for using Cambridgeshire insight and related content. This includes help videos, FAQs and useful links.

This also includes ask a question, which allows you to ask the team a question by filling in a quick form and we will do our best to answer your query.


Information about who we are, what we do and how to contact us.

Yes. To find what you are looking for you can use the Keyword search that is available on the top right of every page.

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If the information you are looking for is not available on Cambridgeshire Insight, then use the Ask a Question or Contact Us forms for suggested improvements, comments on the website or a query for more information.

Yes you can.  Our Ask a Question and Contact Us forms allow you to contact the Cambridgeshire Insight Team.

Housing teams do a lot of different things and can help a whole range of residents and partners. These teams cover things like providing housing advice, helping homeless families, helping secure grants to improve living standards, repairing and maintaining rented social housing, and giving advice on keeping warm in winter. To give an idea of the range of tasks involved, and which areas get services form which teams, we created a “Guide to housing services”. It’s not exhaustive and we look forward to adding more partners and projects on the relevant pages, but for the moment here is a link to the introductory page.

We would welcome your feedback on it, especially if you have things to add to the Guide.

You can find out a bout housing providers who own and/or manage social housing in our area; and who are registered with the Homes and Communities Agency, here.

Housing providers include many local housing associations and housing charities. We have provided a list of the providers who own and/or manage homes in each district along with a link to their website, and a quick guide to the types of homes involved:

(e.g. affordable housing)

Details of housing types, including affordable housing, can be found in our Strategic Housing Market Assessment .

Our dwelling profile chapter in the 2013 SHMA provides a good starting point.

Some brief housing facts for each district are included in the Guide to housing services.

There is a page for each district within the Guide, where housing data from the Census is summarised, giving an outline of the number and percentage of homes of different tenures (types).

You can find the latest housing price figures in our three-monthly Housing Market Bulletin, based on Hometrack data. The Bulletins started in November 2008 and set out trends in numbers of sales, prices and rents for a local group of districts, compared to the region and the rest of England.

For longer term trends in house prices and numbers of sales, please visit our Cambridgeshire Insight Open Data story. Twenty Years of House Sales, where we have compiled the numbers and prices of homes sold in our area, separating new build from “second hand” homes. The data is provided by the Office of National Statistics and covers a 20 year period, which helps identify trends and changes in the long term.