Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Against Scams Partnership (CAPASP) are delighted to offer you, and the community of which you are part, the fantastic opportunity to join the growing legion of CAPASP supporters and make a real difference in your community.

You know your community as well as anyone and you are best placed to make a positive difference to the lives of others within your community, protecting them from the financial and emotional harm of scams.

Becoming a supporter costs nothing yet brings huge rewards. Supporters can be local councils, community groups, charities, businesses, schools, housing associations or any other organisation or individual who receive useful information from CAPASP to share onward within their community (for example about the latest scams or new funding opportunities). Supporters also self-serve free resources (e.g. posters, leaflets etc.) to raise awareness of scams in the local area and the support available. This can make a real positive impact on people like Carol. And if you join us as a supporter we love to celebrate you and the great things you are doing through this website and our social and other media.

So if you are inspired to deliver ‘5 Simple Steps’ to spot scams and stop scams within your community we’d love to welcome you today as an official supporter!

Contact us for more information or to register your support.

List of Supporters

What is the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Against Scams Partnership?

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Against Scams Partnership (CAPASP) is a county-wide partnership of public, private and voluntary sector organisations committed to working together to stop scams and doorstep crime across the county.

Scams are fraud and fraud is a crime. Each year, scams cost the UK economy between £5bn-£10bn. In addition to the financial impact, scams can have a severe emotional and psychological impact upon victims.

While anyone, irrespective of age, gender, education or economic background, can be a victim of a scam, these crimes are experienced particularly by people in our communities who are vulnerable for a variety of reasons, including poverty, isolation, frailty, disability and cognitive impairment, and by those who have been targeted specifically by organised, predatory criminals.

By sharing knowledge and developing solutions together, we aim to make Cambridgeshire and Peterborough a safer place for all of our residents.

Special thanks go to Honey Wright, a student at Neale Wade Academy in March, Cambridgeshire who designed our partnership logo, based on the premise that scammers have a black heart.

Our Aims

The Partnership’s four key aims are:

  1. Communications
  • Improve public and business awareness of scams and increase knowledge about the steps they can take to protect themselves
  • Share consistent messaging and definitions to the public, partners and media
  1. Prevention and Training Tools
  • Participate in the Friends Against Scams initiative, and run awareness raising sessions
  • Increase the protection that everyone, and especially people in vulnerable circumstances, should have against scams
  • Take steps to make it more difficult for anyone to be targeted by criminals
  • Introduce stronger obstacles and safeguards on the mechanisms used by perpetrators to reach their victims
  1. Reporting and Referral Pathways
  • Introduce consistent definitions and recording of scams to aid understanding of the true scale of the impact of scams
  • Develop improved joint working and referral pathways between organisations and common support pathways for victims
  1. Supporting Victims
  • Improve and streamline the early identification of potential victims of scams and ensure they are offered appropriate support
  • Promote the Scam Marshals scheme to victims as a way of empowering them in the fight against scams

Remove or reduce any possible stigma and embarrassment about being a victim of scams and ensure victims are supported like victims of other crimes

Partnership Charter

CAPASP has produced a Charter which sets out the commitments we have made collectively to build a Cambridgeshire that is taking a stand against scams and doorstep crime.

List of partners

How to become a partner or supporter

Partners are organisations committed to the CAPASP charter who are working together to deliver an action plan covering the four priority areas – communications, prevention and training tools, reporting and referral pathways and supporting victims.

Supporters are local councils, community groups, housing providers and learning establishments who receive communications from the partnership to share onward within their community (such as topical information about the latest scams) and who self-serve resources from our website to raise awareness of scams in the local area and the support available. It doesn’t cost anything to become a supporter and we list supporters on our website and celebrate the great things supporters are doing through our social media channels and other media. So if you are inspired to deliver the ‘5 Simple Steps’ and do your bit to spot scams and stop scams we’d love to welcome you as an official supporter!

If you are interested in joining CAPASP, either as a partner or a supporter, please contact Charlotte Homent, or 01954 284635

How to become an advisor to the partnership board

Individuals who have suffered the experience of falling victim to fraudsters are invite to act as advisors to the board. Advisors can help to give the partnership ideas for their activity and also may like to offer peer support in the event the partnership discovers a victim of a similar scam or scams. Advisors’ identities and contact details remain confidential.

If you have been the victim of a scam and are interested in joining CAPASP as an advisor to the board, please contact Charlotte Homent, or 01954 284635 in confidence.


The partnership offers a range of useful resources through this page. These include:

Articles for Community Newsletters, Websites etc.

Just as we make scams awareness resources available to anyone wishing to help protect themselves and others from scams, we also invite you to use the following articles in your local community magazines, newsletters or on your website. If you wish to make any amendments before publication please contact Charlotte Homent for approval.

Friends Against Scams

Please join the fight against scams by registering to become a Friend Against Scams at . It’s a quick (approx. 20 minute) online learning course to help you to spot scams and stop scams. Or, if you prefer a face-to-face Friends Against Scams session, please contact Bernadette Merry (Cambridgeshire) or Mohommad Chauhan (Peterborough) to arrange.

There is also an accessible version of Friends Against Scams for people with special educational needs and disabilities and a ‘Young Friends’ version for schools and youth groups. Please contact Charlotte Homent, or 01954 284635 for more information.

Follow Friends Against Scams on Twitter here .


Contact the partnership

or Telephone: 01954 284635