Cambridgeshire Atlas | Help guide

We have created a series of videos to help you understand how to use the Cambridgeshire Atlases.

The first video is Cambridgeshire Atlas | Video 1 – Brief Overview, which provides a summary about Cambridgeshire Atlas. The video also shows the main themes of the current Cambridgeshire Atlases.

The second video is Cambridgeshire Atlas | Video 2 - How to use the Atlas, provides you with a guide on how to use the main features of a Cambridgeshire Atlas.

The third video is Cambridgeshire Atlas | Video 3 – Additional Functions, which shows you how to use even more features of the Cambridgeshire Atlas.

The next video is Cambridgeshire Atlas | Victim and offender gender and age pyramid (2012) , which shows the new features of the community safety pyramid profile.