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With the current financial pressures, all public sector organisations need to review how they work and what services they can offer to their communities. This is where the the Cambridgeshire Research Group can assist.             
We recognise that good quality information is essential to help officers make better informed decisions at every level.  It is important that information used to inform, manage and plan activities is accurate, reliable and where possible easily comparable to others.  There also needs to be sufficient operational data to ensure performance can be managed and early signs given where things are not on track.

Broadly the team’s role can be described as Providing valuable insight about the needs of Cambridgeshire’s population to guide the design and transformation of public services’. This will be achieved in the following ways:        
The Cambridgeshire Research Group offer a complete set of business intelligence solutions for the public sector, private sector, voluntary organisations and the local community.               
Our professional team of analysts offer services in many fields, including:           

Open Access to data & research 

Producing excellent research is only ever half the story, the work that we do also needs to be well presented, timely and accessible. Cambridgeshire Research Group will continue to work on providing open access to as much as our work as possible.  We will do this by maintaining and developing ‘Cambridgeshire Insight’ our partnership website and continuing to progress the release of Open Data through the Cambridgeshire Insight OpenData portal.

This approach has significant application to the development of the County Council’s Operating Model where the team will be facilitating the unlocking and sharing of data that provides valuable insight into understanding and meeting the needs of the County Council’s services users.

Bringing together partnerships to review and assess the evidence

Cambridgeshire Research Group supports a number of partnership arrangements that allow for different public service bodies to come together, review evidence and collectively reshape services.  This includes supporting Strategic Housing Market Needs Assessment (SHMA), Community Safety Partnerships, local community development and Joint Strategic Health Needs Assessment (JSNA).

Influencing through Expertise

Cambridgeshire Research Group’s past success has been based on providing expertise in specific fields, this will continue.  We will lead the County on population forecasting, and economic analysis among other things. Specifically, for the County Council we will provide forecasting for the 0-19 population, as well as consultation and customer insight.

Leadership for the Cambridgeshire Research Group will be provided by Michael Soper (Research Team Manager).  Michael will focus on working with Corporate Director Sue Grace and other Customer Service & Transformation colleagues to support the development of the County Council’s Target Operating Model.  Michael will lead on data/research/information being one of the enablers for the transformation of services. E-mail: Michael.Soper@Cambridgeshire.gov.uk.


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