Why is open data important for Cambridgeshire?

Data is one of the key assets that the public sector holds. It is important to recognise the vital enabling role and transformational aspects of data collection, data release and powerful analytics in planning and delivering public services.  Data can for example help better manage the county, create better transport networks and deliver smarter services to Children’s, Families and Adults.

The importance of Open Data is recognised both internationally through the ‘Open G8 Open Data Charter’ and nationally through Government initiatives such as Data.gov.uk and the Government’s white paper on Open Data.

The Cambridgeshire Insight partnership and district councils recently made a bid into the Release of Data Fund, the purpose of which is to support the release of Open Data. The bid was successful and an award of £122,000 has been made to help support the release of Open Data.

As the first step in understanding how best this funding can support partners move toward releasing more open data a workshop was held on 27th of November 2014 with local partners to:

  • Introduce attendees the concept of open data to a wide group of data owners and users;
  • To inspire the audience with the value of open data and the possibilities that open data creates
  • Get people thinking about the data they have and the resources/skills they will need to be able to release data.
  • Work out the next steps locally and identify how best to deploy the Release of Data funding to support partners and the County Council.


Introduction to Open Data event: Mike Soper, Cambridgeshire Research Group manager


Open Data & Local Authorities: Paul Maltby-Director of Open Data and Government Innovation


Local open data done well: Mark Braggins, Hampshire Hub


Open data and open decisions: Mark Frank, University of Southampton

Cambridgeshire Insight, including The Release of Data funding project: Mike Soper from Cambridgeshire County Council


Cambridgeshire examples of Open Data use: Sue Beecroft, sub-regional housing strategy co-ordinator