Vulnerable Groups

This section has collated information on four groups of vulnerable adults of working age.
This following information has been sourced from the following JSNA documents which are accessible on this site.

  • Migrant Workers in Cambridge JSNA (2009)
  • Homelessness and at risk of Homelessness JSNA (2010)
  • Adults with Learning Disabilities JSNA (2007)
  • Travellers JSNA (2008)

Each of the above vulnerable adult groups of working age have similar needs, namely; access to good quality housing, and knowledge of and access to health, mental health and substance misuse services. Although each of these population groups have heterogeneous features, they are at significant risk of  marginalisation, social exclusion and poorer health outcomes compared to the general population in Cambridgeshire.

The consistent factor common to these groups is the inequalities in health that these groups experience.  These reflect a wide inter-related range of issues that directly affect their health and also their ability to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  There are some good examples in Cambridgeshire of initiatives designed to meet their particular prevention needs.