Cambridge and District Citizens Advice Bureau

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Cambridge & District Citizens Advice Bureau (CCAB) provides free advice which ensures that people find a way forward from their problem. Help is offered in relation to a wide range of social welfare issues, for example those linked to::

  • Employment rights
  • Money management
  • Improving housing
  • Access to benefit entitlements
  • Promoting consumer rights - such as protecting people from scams and rogue traders

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CCAB also undertakes research and campaigns work to help improve policies/laws and services causing people problems.

How they work

The organisation relies on a mixture of paid staff and trained volunteers. There are over 100 volunteers who bring a vast range of skills to the organisation.

The Cambridge & District CAB works as an independent charity, and are not part of the government. They have been supporting the people of Cambridgeshire since 1945.


Recent Publications

Profiles of clients Cambridge & District CAB refer to Cambridge City Foodbank for 2014/15

This report shares quantitative findings around foodbank use by Cambridge & District CAB clients. A report containing qualitative analysis will follow this one. The qualitative analysis will consider why people need to use foodbanks in more depth. A total of 274 people separately applied for and received food and/or fuel vouchers from Cambridge & District CAB (these people are referred to as ‘main claimants’ in this report). There were 496 adults and children who were supported by vouchers overall (adding up all household members for the 274 main claimants).

Following on from this report, there is now a data story and a matching dataset available on the Cambridgeshire Insight Open Data page.

Public Awareness of Scams and Where to Report Them

This research found that most people fail to report scams to official organisations. A high proportion who fail to report scams are not aware of where to report them to (48%). A main recommendation proposed was to promote one point of contact to report scams, which also minimizes hassle in reporting. This could be the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline: 03454 040506. The Citizens Advice Consumer helpline is a means to report scams to Trading Standards, and for getting general advice on indications of potential scams.


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