Cambridgeshire Quality Panel

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Cambridgeshire Quality Panel provides scrutiny of development proposals for the major growth sites in Cambridgeshire. The Panel provides advice to developers, clients and their design teams, and advises local planning authorities, with the aim of improving the quality of development being proposed. It assesses schemes against the four core principles (the four “C’s”) of the Cambridgeshire Quality Charter for Growth: community, connectivity, climate and character.

The Quality Panel has additional roles supporting and challenging the in-house design and planning teams of the local authorities, and supporting local authorities in their own procurement and development process, for instance on the design of schools or community facilities.

The Panel seeks to give guidance that is:

- independent

- expert

- objective

- constructive

- balanced

- wide ranging

The Quality Panel complements an existing panel run by Cambridge City Council: the Cambridge Design and Conservation Panel.  The Design and Conservation Panel reviews all schemes presented to it which are outside of the Areas of Major Change in and around Cambridge, with the exception of Cambridge Station Area which is reviewed by a bespoke "CB1" Panel.

Panel background and members

The Cambridgeshire Quality Panel was established in September 2009, with the first Panel Meeting in June 2010. The Panel is made up of twelve experts from various disciplines that cover the “four C’s” of the Cambridgeshire Quality Charter. Panel Member biographies can be found here.

Panel members have a diversity of backgrounds.  This diversity plays an important role in assessing all elements of a development from design to the wider sustainability and functionality of a project.


Please contact the following Panel Secretariat if you require further details or wish to arrange a Quality Panel review:

Judit Carballo - Cambridgeshire County Council – Planning Officer:

01223 706574,