Crime Strategic Assessments


The Police Act (2006) requires each Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) in England and Wales to produce a Strategic Assessment that will then assist in producing (or revising) their partnership action plan.


A Strategic Assessment is the document that forms the basis of business planning for the district Community Safety Partnerships (CSP) each year. Five are produced - one for each district - with one subsequent overarching county summary document. Ultimately the responsibility for producing this assessment sits with each CDRP, however in Cambridgeshire the practical work of producing the assessment is undertaken by the Cambridgeshire County Council Research Group with contributions from partners.


The Strategic Assessment identifies the issues that are most relevant to the local area in terms of crime, disorder, community safety, anti-social behaviour and substance misuse. Data and intelligence from all CDRPs is collected, analysed and informs the key findings and recommendations for prioritisation contained within the assessment.


Reports can be found on the website (click on the links below):

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