Open Data Breakthrough fund

Cambridgeshire Insight Open Data Breakthrough fund logo

The Cambridgeshire Insight project has been successful in bidding for the Data Strategy Board Open Data Breakthrough fund. This fund is designed to enable innovative ways of open data releases and ease of access to open data.

The local demand has been identified in Cambridgeshire for the repeated reuse of datasets already in use by government organisations to assist their planning and economic growth strategies.  It is particularly clear that there is a demand not just for the tables within published reports but the unique locally generated base data that feeds those tables.

The Cambridgeshire Insight open data project will seek to meet this demand by initially scoping the datasets that partners could release to support others to plan and then respond to the challenges created by growth.  The project will actively engage with consumers to understand their needs and develop a process methodology and source additional technology to facilitate the regular release of data.  Releases will be accompanied with a communication plan and further engagement with partners and data users.  Cambridgeshire Insight will be used as a repository and dissemination channel for any data published and will also make any results available as a toolkit for others to implement.