Project Phases

Data scoping and community engagement

The purpose of this is to identify and create a prioritised list of relevant data for customers and partners, whose release would support the project aims of stimulating economic growth and encourage innovation.

A workshop was held in September 2013 as part of this phase. The following word clouds present data that was identified as important and whether or not it was seen as a priority.

Data identified as a important and a priority

Data identified as important but not a priority

A consultation will be launched in coming days on these pages.


Methodology development

This involves the development of a release plan based on the results of the engagement on prioritised data. This will include the production of a date schedule for release and clear guidance on the nature and format of the datasets that are to be released, and details of the information about the data (metadata) required.


Technology sourcing and implementation

Identification sourcing and development of a suitable IT solution (open data platform) to enable the management of open data from a variety of sources. This will include an agreement to use the platform for the partners of the Cambridgeshire Insight project rather than solely for CCC.

This also includes data transformation and the standardisation of unique local data sets. The methodology will be applied to the initial release of a number of datasets. A communications strategy will be developed for the open data product and results of the project. Cambridgeshire Insight will be used a repository and dissemination channel for any data that is published.