Older People's service & financial review - Data supplement

This report presents the data tables used to develop the ‘JSNA Older People Services and Financial Review 2012’ report and includes all data supplied by partners who contributed to the JSNA.

The purpose of the JSNA Older People Services and Financial Review report is to start to bring together in one place a summary of the use of resources by local public sector organisations to support older people’s health and wellbeing.  The aim is that this should help organisations to plan in partnership on how best to work together to meet older people’s health and wellbeing needs.  Inevitably the systems for collecting information vary between organisations – and some have been able to provide more comprehensive information about spend on services used by older people than others.

Inevitably, there are some significant gaps in our knowledge about how resources are used to support older people.  For example, resource use in community health services (district nursing, rehabilitation etc) cannot currently be broken down by age group, and there is significant ‘non-tariff’ spend on hospital services which is also not available by age.  Although housing is identified as an important component of overall support for older people, it has not been possible at this stage to provide information on resource use for older people’s extra-care and sheltered housing.