Older people's housing

This page sets out some resources useful when thinking through housing issues for older people. It is not exhausitve, new strategies docuement and links can be added so please get in touch if you have suggestions.

Across Cambridgeshire and the housing sub-region there are various groups, projects and strategies in action or being created. It helps to be able to locate each, that's why we have put this page of resources together.

All this is set in the context of the Health and Wellbeing Board's JSNA and strategy, and also the Transforming Lives agenda. Arrows in the diagram below try to set out some of the links, as at December 2015. These may well change over time and the diagram will be re-visited and added to, in future (with apologies for the small writing):

Diagram of older peoples housing strategies

Some groups and strategies are listed below, with links where available: