New homes & communities: resources

Local investment plans

Local investment plans help districts plan, prioritise and overcome barriers to housing delivery.Cover of Cambridgeshire CLIP 2011

The plans include a brief background to housing development for the area and an outline of housing and infrastructure schemes, prioritised and indicating approximate delivery dates.

Because they are written with the Homes and Communities Agency in mind, investment plans are produced for Cambridgeshire and Suffolk separately, to reflect the way HCA investment managers work.

Here are links to our investment plans (most recent first):

Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury's investment plans were originally produced in 2010 but have been continually updated since.

District local plans

The local plans for development page provides a link to each area's plans, and a link to a collated timetable showing each district's progress on its Local Plan.


Delivering localism Cover image of Delivering Localism report

In October 2011, CRHB published Delivering Localism which sets out some ways social housing providers contribute to local communities and economies. The report, written by Colin Wiles with contributions from a range of local housing providers, gives a number of case studies from across the housing sub-region which:

  • Build the big society.
  • Give young people a good start in life.
  • Help younger children and promote health and well-being.
  • Put tenants in the driving seat.
  • Support older and vulnerable residents.
  • Provide financial advice and support.
  • Help tenants into work.
  • Provide homes and communities in rural areas.

Quality CharterCover image of Cambridgeshire Quality Charter report

The Cambridgeshire Quality Charter for Growth sets out core principles of the level of quality to be expected in new developments in Cambridgeshire. Successful housing growth cannot be achieved in isolation and it is vital that partners are able to work together towards common goals, sharing a common understanding of the kind of communities we wish to create.  The core principles of the charter are

  • Community
  • Connectivity
  • Climate
  • Character

Please follow this link to find out more about the Charter in action and about the work of the Cambridgeshire Quality Panel.

Balanced and mixed communities Cover image of Mixed and balanced communities report

Previous research commissioned by Cambridgeshire Horizons set out some principles behind creating Balanced and mixed communities. Although Horizons has since closed, the report still contains some useful principles which are worth remembering in areas of significant housing growth.