New homes & communities: partners

Working together

Delivering new homes for economic success is a big task. The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is a major partner as they manage funding and other resources to suport delivery of new homes and communities.

The Greater Cambridge-Greater Peterborough LEP and the New Anglia LEP support economic growth, which links to housing as workers want to live near to jobs in order not to commute too far, and employers need to know housing is available so it is not a barrier to workers taking up ar retaining jobs in their area.

In 2007, cpl formed as strategic partner to deliver homes on three of our larger housing sties, at Cambridge's Southern Fringe, NIAB site and Northstowe. bpha was appointed as the lead registered housing provider to deliver these homes, and is the lead member of Key Communities. In turn, Key Communities is a partnership of seven housing associations, delivering a £200m programme to create high quality affordable homes across East Anglia, East Midlands and the South West.

Housing provider & enabler forum

Every three months, a forum meets to discuss housing development and planning issuess across the housing sub-region. This page gives more detail and some recent meeting agendas and papers.

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Housing Associations Housing Strategy Group (CPCAHSG)

A new group has been set up by the National Housing Federation (NHF) to represent all housing associations in the Combined Authority area, which covers Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Please visit this page (add link) to find terms of reference, meeting papers and some useful links. 

Which housing providers work in  our area?

We have a huge range of partners who work together across the area to deliver new homes. This page sets out a list of all the stock owning and managing associations across the Cambridge ousing sub-region, and there is also a list for each district, with the association's web address if you wan to find out more about them.

Enablers group

There is also a spearate group for district housing enablers to share updates with partners like our Home-Buy Agent and the Homes and Communities Agency. This page sets out the enablers terms of reference and some recent meeting agendas and papers.