1.      Plan housing and the places we live so that they reflect the changes that occur over the lifetime, and so that people are not excluded by design as they grow older and frailer[1] or as their circumstances change.  ‘Lifetime homes’ is a mechanism for achieving this.

2.   Provision for affordable housing needs to include a range of options to address the need for social rented housing.

3.   Options need to be developed to fund more flexible service provision to allow greater integration of new communities with existing settlements than offered by current Section 106 arrangements.

4.   Ensure resourcing of community development roles which may be fulfilled by different workers employed by different agencies and in different phases but within an agreed and coordinated approach. This in keeping with the findings of the Building Communities that are Healthy and Well in Cambridgeshire[2] report and the report’s recommendations should be adopted:


When planning new communities

  • At every stage of planning, ensure that partners have a well defined and co-ordinated approach to community working.
  • Include a range of community roles that reflect the needs of a diverse population and are identified by an agreed methodology such as the ’People Proofing Principles’ identified by this project.
  • Partners need to ensure there is mainstream funding to sustain the implementation of this approach, in addition to any Section 106 funding.
  • Agree a monitoring system based on criteria that ensure people have opportunities for inclusion eg as illustrated by the ‘People Proofing Principles’. Include an action researcher to facilitate this process and to ensure that any required adjustments to the community support infrastructure are made in a timely and appropriate manner.


5.   There should be a mixture of formal and informal green spaces, which should include considerations for community gardens and allotments that are close to residential areas, accessible, well-maintained and well connected to existing networks of strategic spaces and walking routes such as green chains.

6.   There should be consultation with residents of new communities, at the earliest opportunity, about the provision of community resources including green space provision, a clear allocation of responsibilities in managing these resources and a mechanism to ensure that locally agreed monitoring is implemented and the results acted upon.



[1] Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods: A National Strategy for Housing in an Ageing Society.

[2] Building Communities that are Healthy and Well in Cambridgeshire, Cambridge City and South Cambs Improving Health Partnership with Cambridge Council for Voluntary Services (June 2008).