What is the JSNA

What are Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs)?

JSNAs are local assessments of current and future health and social care needs that could be met by the local authority, CCGs, or the NHS Commissioning Board. They are produced by health and wellbeing boards, and are unique to each local area.

Health and wellbeing boards can request relevant information from some members (and others) when preparing JSNAs or JHWSs – and those asked have a duty to supply the information. They should ensure that staff supporting JSNAs and JHWSs have easy access to the evidence they need.

The three bullet points that the guidance states that the health and wellbeing boards need to consider are in line with our current practice within Cambridgeshire.  The guidance does however go on to say that within JSNAs, health and wellbeing boards should also consider what local communities can offer in terms of assets and resources to help meet the identified needs.


What are Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies (JHWSs)?

JHWSs are strategies for meeting the needs identified in JSNAs. As with JSNAs, they are produced by health and wellbeing boards, and are unique to each local area. They should explain what health and wellbeing priorities the health and wellbeing board has set in order to tackle the needs identified in their JSNAs. This is not about taking action on everything at once, but about setting priorities for joint action and making a real impact on people’s lives.

Outcome measures from the separate NHS, Adult Social Care and Public Health Outcomes Frameworks, the Commissioning Outcomes Framework and outcome strategies, will be useful to help inform joint priorities, although they should not overshadow local evidence.


Who is responsible for JSNAs and JHWSs?

Local authorities and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have an equal and joint duty to prepare JSNAs and JHWSs, through the health and wellbeing board. The responsibility falls on the health and wellbeing board as a whole.

Local authorities and health and wellbeing boards can decide to include additional members on the board beyond the core members. The NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) must participate in JSNAs and JHWSs. Someone who is not from the NHS CB can act for it.


Consultation on joint strategic needs assessments and joint health and wellbeing strategy guidance

Proposals for the duties of health and wellbeing boards are published by the Department of Health. The draft guidance provides a framework for NHS and local government to work together to undertake joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) and joint health and wellbeing strategies (JHWS).

The Department of Health has published the final statutory guidance on JSNAs and JHWSs. The final guidance, response to the consultation and supporting documents can be found here.
To further support health and wellbeing boards and local partners with their JSNAs and JHWSs, a suite of sector-led wider resources is available on the LGA Knowledge Hub.


Why do we do JSNAs?

There are many different factors which have an important influence on people’s health.  The factors which have been found to have the most significant influence are widely known as the determinants of health.  While health services make a contribution to health, most of the key determinants of health, for example, education, employment, housing, and environment, lie outside the direct influence of healthcare.


What is the process?



JSNA Website Users Survey

Over the course of June and July 2012 a satisfaction survey was run on the cambridgeshirejsna.net survey.   A copy of the report is attached.