Migrant and Refugee 2016

Migrant and Refugee Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Cambridgeshire, 2016 (2.83 MB)

Migrant and Refugee Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Cambridgeshire, 2016

It is important that Local Authorities understand the composition and needs of their local population, in order to be able to plan and deliver services effectively, as well as being able to respond to any issues relating to community cohesion or address health inequalities. The Health and Wellbeing Board requested a JSNA on migrants to help fulfil these obligations.  For the purposes of this JSNA, the term ‘migrant’ is used to describe a person who has moved to the UK who at the time of entry to the UK is not a British national. 

The JSNA is split into sections relating to the determinants that have an impact on the health and wellbeing of migrants; education, housing, employment, health, crime and community cohesion. There is also a section that touches on refugees and asylum seekers. The demography section at the beginning of the document outlines the impact of migration on the population of Cambridgeshire with a focus on Eastern European A8 migrants. Each section presents local data where possible and draws out key findings, to emphasise the issues and needs of these communities.


Developing the JSNA

The development and scope of the JSNA was informed by a stakeholder event and workshop in September 2015.  Slides from the event can be found below.  The stakeholder workshop increased awareness of the JSNA and its purpose and identified priorities and issues that stakeholders would like to see explored by the JSNA.  Direct follow-up with some of these stakeholders has provided detail for each section. In addition, a migrant survey was established across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and the results are used throughout the JSNA.