Adults with Learning Disability 2007/08


This JSNA for Adults with Learning Disabilities was developed by the Learning Disability Partnership (LDP) in 2008. Where feasible, the data in the executive summary will be updated this year to show the progress being made in improving the lives of those with disabilities in Cambridgeshire.  However the JSNA still identifies the most significant needs and underlying issues for this very vulnerable and marginalised group within Cambridgeshire. They are more likely to be socially excluded, discriminated against and at risk of abuse and to have poor physical and mental health.  They need support to access housing, health and employment and to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Learning Disability Partnership teams currently provide health or social care support to more than 2,000 individuals with learning disability.  Too few adults requiring support have jobs, live in their own homes or have control over their lives.


JSNA for Adults with Learning Disabilities