Cambridgeshire Atlas | Census 2011: Overview of health and unpaid care

Cambridgeshire Atlas

The Cambridgeshire Atlas | Census 2011 :Overview of health and unpaid care is a profile tool that displays data from the second release of census data. The atlas shows data at Census output area level. This is the smallest geography data from the Census is released. OAs contain approximately equal numbers of usual residents, and are intended to provide geographies that allow reporting of statistics across time on a consistent geographical base.


The 2011 Census Output areas (OA) are based upon the 2001 Output areas. They were altered if the OA reached the lower or upper threshold targets. The minimum OA size is 40 resident households and 100 resident persons. The average number of persons in an OA is 309, and the average number of households in an OA is 129.

Cambridgeshire Atlas | Census 2011 Overview of unpaid care and health


Data on this atlas includes selected indicators for information on unpaid care and health. Topics include;

  • total population
  • day to day activities
  • general health
  • unpaid care
  • household composition
  • population by 5 year age group.


For further information at ward level, please see the Cambridgeshire Atlas | Census 2011: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough overview (District and ward).